Got a cool new album sent to me from the manager of a band called “Uhuru”.  This five track titled “Safari” is filled with great trance / dance music that will get any crowd vibing along.   The band has played all over and was featured in London this summer.


Name Artist Time Price

Fantasy Uhuru 4:09 £0.79 View In iTunes

Raindrops Uhuru 4:53 £0.79 View In iTunes

Xpose Uhuru 4:00 £0.79 View In iTunes

We Could Be Uhuru 3:29 £0.79 View In iTunes

Splinter Uhuru 5:41 £0.79 View In iTunes



Let’s dig a little deeper.  This 5 track is filled with songs that delicately invade your senses with cool rhythms and futuristic sounds.

Track 1. Fantasy:  This track is a great start to their EP, it features a delicate vocal and nice syncopation.  It has a somewhat hypnotic quality that will take anyone into a trance.

Track 2: Raindrops:  This one features a nice kick and style with classic lyrical development.

Track 3: Xpose: This down tempo dreamy track paints a sonic picture that will take you to a place that is filled with spirit.

Track 4: We Could Be: Nice slower tempo song really highlights the vocals of Connor.

Track 5: Splinter: A powerful ending to a great album.  This one features synth stabs and a nicely produced arrangement.

This album is definitely worth picking up, it will bring you some vibes that will get you up on the dance floor.  Here the link:



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