Well I finally got a chance to interview Jiggley Jones, an authentic musician who is starting to gain some traction in the music industry picking up a few major international awards just recently.  Jiggley is a great soul whose music resonates with listeners from around the globe.  It was a brief interview but fans will appreciate this Very Cool Tunes exclusive interview.

VCT:  Jiggley it’s great to finally have a chat with you about your music. I got turned onto your music from a friend a little over a year ago now. Your music is so authentic and real, is there anything you want to share with your listeners on how you grew into such a refined songwriter?


Thanks for that awesome description. I would say that has happened after years of recording and re-recording demos and having to laboriously layer all the instruments into the music on my own. It can be a very meticulous process with hours and hours of work. So in the end I’ve forced myself into a “crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s” kind of mind set.


VCT:  When you write is there any special topic or idea you choose before writing or is it anything goes for your songs?


It’s usually (but not always) an “anything goes” type of lyrical approach. I work on the musical side first until I have a working instrumental arrangement and then I sit down and work on the lyrics. Sometimes depending on how the vocal melody sounds to me, it can spark a lyrical idea. With that idea it then spreads into the full story.


VCT:  I see you’ve had quite a year this year with so many nominations to prestigious awards, is there anything you would like to share with your fans about upcoming tours?


Most of my live performances these days shoot directly out from my home area with a show and then return. I’ve done a lot of shows in New York where it’s about four hours of driving and then four back after the show. Then I might hit New Jersey for two hours and then back and then Philly for an hour and back, etc… It’s much easier to plan and stay within budget. Of course with the right tour idea/offer that could change quickly.


VCT:  Which do you prefer, recording or performing live?


I’ll take the studio anytime over live performance. Though live performance definitely has it’s own thing going on that you can’t fulfill sitting in a windowless room.


VCT: When touring do you have any special things you need to create your magic on the stage?


The most difficult thing for me is to change from business mode to artist mode all in the same time frame. You organize, travel, set up and then ignore all of the stresses of pulling that off in a timely manner and then magically switch into the artistic singer/songwriter mode. Not an easy task sometimes. So to answer the question I would say:  a working ability to transpose myself from one to the other.


VCT:  When did you first start writing songs?


I actually started my musical adventure as a bass player around town doing cover bands. I didn’t start writing until a bought a guitar to mess around with a few years later and realized that I could pull it off. At that point I did nothing but write.


VCT:  I really like your video for Ain’t That Alright, it looks like it was lots of fun to make, do you want to tell your fans about how it was made?


This video was as low budget as it gets because it didn’t cost me a dime. It was done on my Mac with imovie and I had my kids involved in the actual video shoot. Of course that was fun but also stressful in a parenting kind of way. It’s really hard to get a 3 year old to act out what you want him to do, lol. There’s also an unprofessional attempt at stop-motion (I think that’s what it’s called) with some dolls that my daughters had. That was very frustrating because they kept falling over so I had to put putty on the bottom of their feet to keep them up. When I was done there was a sigh of relief and a good couple of laughs.


VCT: Your writing has a special quality that really resonates with fans, is this something that you’ve always had or did you have to refine your style over time?


I think I’ve always had my vocal style as far as the way I might phrase things or approach things lyrically. I believe that you are who you are from what has influenced you over time. Of course the type of music I’ve been involved with over the years has changed from time to time.


VCT: I see you are from a more rural background, what can you tell all of your fans in urban settings about the country?


It can be very quiet at times, haha. If you grew up around a lot of activity then being in the quiet can drive a man crazy. Of course if you grew up in the quiet it’s a scary thing to head into the city where everything is moving so fast. I hope that makes sense.


VCT: Where do you record your material? Do you have a special place or approach when you are in the studio?


The first record, “No Spring Chicken” was actually recorded partially in my wife’s walk in closet. The drums were done in Los Angeles in a friend’s studio but all the melodic instruments and vocals were done at my house with my recording software. The second record, “… a mountain, a struggle, a tunnel, a light…” was all recorded in a traditional recording studio in Nashville.


VCT: What is the most important thing you want to share with all your fans around the world?


Some of my favorite music over the years has been stuff that took a little time to grow on me. When you have music in front of you that is a bit different, it sometimes takes a while for it to “sink” in and then can be something that you can’t put down. In other words the quicker you like something, the quicker you get tired of it and the longer it takes to sink in, the deeper it goes into your musical soul. Take your time and give it a chance, it might be worth it to you. Don’t be the guy who waits for someone else to tell you what’s good.





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