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VCT: I like your style, tell me about how you came to writing your songs?

It all started about two years ago when I met my producer Alexi von Guggenberg. He had just graduated from Berklee College of Music with a degree in Electronic Production and Design. I linked up with him, told him my artistic vision and started going to his studio. He’s been on board ever since.  One of the first songs we did together was “Boom Boom”. It is so infections and so catchy everyone who heard it stared calling my Boom Boom. That’s how I got my name!

VCT: When it comes to music, what is more important, the sound or the words or both?

EVERYTHING! My producer Alexi von Guggenberg would tell you; you can’t skimp on any aspect of the song. He will work with me to ensure the lyrics even on a s dance pop song are still on a high creative level of thinking. He will also work to get an incredible and unique sound on every track. When you give every aspect of a song 100% it shows and people know it. That’s how you make a Hit record!

VCT: What is the feedback you get from DJs on the club circuits on your tracks?

They go crazy for my songs. If you can ever make it out to a Boom Boom show you will not be disappointed! I have a few DJ’s currently doing remixs of my songs to cater them to specific regions of the country. When a song is written well no matter what you do to the beat it’s still going to be a great song. DJ’s recognize that with my material. The people love the songs and once you start listening you’ll be hooked!

VCT:  Do you have any stories about performing live?

I could go on forever! I have a million! I get e-mails from people who saw me perform years ago to this day who re-discovered my music online. I’ve been at shows where artists have been shot at. I’ve done shows in the wildest clubs, on beaches; you name it I’ve performed there!

VCT: When you create music is there any special approach you take?

Every time is different. Some days I come in the studio with a lyric idea and we start from there and let that be the inspiration for the music. Other days I come in the studio and my producer Alexi von Guggenberg starts producing a beat and we get inspired to write lyrics off of that. No matter what we do Alexi does his best to tie all the ideas into one. Because he does the producing of the tracks and we write the songs and record it all in the same studio our sound is very tight.

VCT: Is there any special sauce you hide in your tracks?

If you ask my producer Alexi von Guggenberg he will tell you the “special sauce” is my voice.  I have worked with him on my sound and delivery for a while now and he always says “a dance/pop/r&b beat can always be replicated by another producer somewhere in the world but no one can perfectly replicate a unique and emotion filled vocal”. He always works with me to get the best vocals. That’s where the boom boom flavor is added! J

VCT: Have you ever been at a club when your track comes on incognito to see the crowd’s response?

Yes and it is always an incredible feeling! Knowing you were apart of making something that a crowd of people are enjoying and moving to it amazing!

VCT:  Do you think dancing is the best way to connect to others?

I think dancing is therapeutic and healing. I believe life will always have ups and downs and I want my music to be there for you when you excited and want to move and to lift you up on a bad day! It’s hard not to move when a boom boom song comes on and that’s has always been a goal from the beginning. I want to make people move and dance. It’s good for the body and soul. It is a great way of connecting with others as well!

VCT:  When talking to fellow musicians is there a particular topic you like discussing?

I just like talking about life. I stay drama free and I am known to “Get the party started” anywhere and everywhere I go!

VCT:  Do you produce your own material or is your work collaborative?

I work with an incredible songwriter and producer named Alexi von Guggenberg. He is based in Alexandria Virginia. I’ll bring him a lyric idea and sit down and talk with him about whatever I’m feeling that day in the studio and he makes it happen. He knows my sound and has been a huge part in shaping it. He’ll get a beat started and then topline it. I’m always there and giving my input so that in the end we have a song that is perfect for me. I’ve worked with Alexi for a couple years now so we have the process down pat! Every song we do these days sounds like a hit!

VCT:  What is your favorite track you’ve created to date?

My favorite track is actually not yet released! It’s called “Do It” and will be out in two weeks! It’s crazy cool. There are so many great songs I’ve done with my producer it’s hard to really ever pin point one but every now and then there are songs that really stand out! “Bounce Dat” is my latest single and definitely makes the list!

VCT:  What do you want to tell your fans?

Thank you so much for all your support! I have the best fans from all over the world and you are the reason why I keep doing what I’m doing! If you’re new to Boom Boom please visit and Like my facebook page for new releases and latest news!


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