Well, well, well, well, well, well got some kickin’ tracks from a young talent out of California by the name of Bogglesworth.  This music will definitely get your juices flowing and cause sudden bursts of outrageous dance moves anywhere it is played.  Get ready to get transported to the world of Bogglesworth.  Let’s dig in folks and get to know this master of the extraordinary.



Oh yeah this one will make you dance all night and feel the cosmic energy it spews from every tone.  If you can’t feel this one your central nervous system must get checked.  This track is a must for any dance floor all around this special place called earth and beyond!



Oh yeah darkness with dub sprinkled with some fantastic synth stabs.  The energy on this one will get anyone in the mood to pump it and grind it oh yeah it will.  Get it on the floor and shake it now.


In the mood for something different?  Check this one from Bogglesworth and you will want to get into your own little love nest with all your friends.  This one sparkles and shines with amazing tones that will get the hairs on the back of your neck at full attention.

In the mood for candy?  Oh yeah this one is a treat for the tricksters pumping the dance floor.  Get your freak on with this one the master Bogglesworth is calling you to let it all loose.


Enter the freak of sonic destruction that will lead you into his cavernous world filled with sounds built to enslave even the most nimble dancers on the floor.  This track will free your mind and lead you to hug and grope everyone who is near.  Be careful the sounds can cause sudden bursts of uncontrollable pleasure.


This classic track featuring Virginia Kid will want you to make l.ove all night long after a night of sweating your gift off on the dance floor.


Well now you know Bogglesworth, and what he is worth.  Share this post and tell everyone about this stuff, it is a toxic mix of sonic XTC. Bravo!




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