Just got a peak at some truly outstanding comedic hip-hop rap artists out of the windy city.  These guys by the name of Handsome Naked have put together quite a repertoire of material that will entertain audiences around the world!  These two guys are in their stride and then some with songs like “Handsome Naked”, “Serious Song”, “Slang Song” and “Too Hype Man”.  YOU HAVE TO WATCH EACH OF THEIR VIDEOS AND MAXIMIZE THEM FOR MAX IMPACT!  BRAVO TIMES 1 Million!!!



Isn’t this just the perfect song?  It is a great start and this act keeps the hits coming.  Check out the next one now!!!

See what I’m saying these guys are one in a trillion!  What do you think?  Isn’t this the hottest stuff you’ve seen all year?  It is to me…

Let’s see what’s next:

See this is something you will never see again, these guys nailed it and then some…

Let’s keep it going now with another one:

Too Hype Man – watch more funny videos

Connect with Handsome Naked now!
Soundcloud – https://soundcloud.com/handsome-naked
“Handsome Naked”-http://youtu.be/UJjvKq4xXN0
“Serious Song” –http://youtu.be/ry-vnjq3LIw
“Slang Song” –http://youtu.be/LPFoIdypqnA
“Too Hype Man” –http://FunnyOrDie.com/m/99if

Facebook: www.facebook.com/HNAKE
Twitter: https://twitter.com/HandsomeNaked

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