Oh yeah Sursum Verbo (  Lisa Hahn (guitar and vocals), Kevin Rodriguez (drums) and Matthew Juda (bass) ) has released a killer second EP titled “Fool”.  This EP is filled with raw power and rockin’ songs.  The band’s unapologetic style and vocals will lure in any listener.  The sound is so unique and the production is top notch, this band really is getting into their stride with their second EP.  These tunes will inject pure power into your veins and this EP will entertain small and large groups of people.  I can’t wait to see them live this band is destined for greatness in our humble opinions.  Let’s dig a little deeper into each track on this little treasure EP.

“9 Volt” a great way to start out their 5 track EP.  This track is a classic alt rock anthem with it’s stylish guitar riffs.  The vocals and overall style hits you right in the best spot to kick of this awesome EP.

“What You Can” a great punkish style track that is raw and powerful.  The rhythm track and cool bass riff make this one another classic, it especially gets you going if you crank it up to 10!

“Mercy” another great track with an infectious bass line and amazing vocals.  This track has crunchy guitar riffs and a hypnotic style that really twists and turns, spectacular arrangement on this one!

“Looking Back”  This one is a departure with its superclean guitar riffs but the lyrics on this one are where it will grab you.  The style is unique and this one is another anthem of sorts with its nice twists and hypnotic chorus.

“These Rooms” a great ending to a truly great EP.  This classic bass riff and up beat approach along with cool lyrics make this a perfect wrap to a really important EP for any serious audiophile.  The change in tempo and twists on this one makes you want to play this EP over and over and over again.  Bravo to Sursum Verbo for a great sophomore EP!





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