Jungo Benko sent me over their 5 track self-titled EP and I have been checking it out for days now.  This thing rocks and grows on any listener with a pulse.  The hard hitting EP will get anyone in the mood to rock, the vocals and tight production are as top notch as you can get!  You have to check this one out and check it out now!

Jason Specter (Manchester) on lead vocals & Guitars
Erik Rutzick (Minnesota) on lead vocals & Drums
Alon Rosenfeld (Tel-Aviv) on bass guitar & back vocals


“Edgar” great way to start the EP, the vocals on this one are infectious as are the hard hitting rhythm and raw rock style.

“Drunken Mother” an excellent epic track with nice twists and turns.  I really like the way this track goes from a spoken word to rich vocalscapes.  The song is a love song to a drunken mother who is not learning that her ways are harming herself and everyone around her.  The chorus is spot on with its angst and heartfelt refrain.

“Voices”  I love this track, it is raw, trippy and turvy.  The layers are fantastic on this one and it will entertain you to the last second.

“Mr. Banko” This is a great grunge track that highlights the vocals of Jason and the development on this song is so refined this one is destined to break it on college radio everywhere.

“Slide Away”  Great way to end the EP with its infectious, raw and powerful riff.  This EP delivers more than any listener could ever want.  You should be convinced by this track, Jungo Benko put together one killer EP here.


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