VCT: Doug it is a pleasure meeting with you on this interview, I am quite impressed with your work can you tell me a little bit about how this all came about?

Doug Briney: First off, thank you for having me and thank you for the compliment. This project really came from a joint effort between my manager and myself. He listened to a ton of music before sending me songs that he felt were right for me. I honestly don’t know how many he listened to but I know I listened to a lot before narrowing them down to the 9 that are on the album. Funny thing is we actually had 10 songs for the album but after recording the 10th song, we both decided it just wasn’t right. Great song, but not right for me or the album.


VCT: Country music is full of warmth and you personify it perfectly, is there any special approach you take when crafting the perfect country song?

Doug Briney: Truthfully, when I’m writing, I try to write from a place that I have been. Each song is different though, some start with a melody that has been running around in my head for a while other times it starts with a phrase or even just an idea. So really the short answer to the question is no, I don’t really have a set approach other then writing from my experiences and heart.

VCT: Your album of 2013 was quite masterful do you have any plans on recording your next album?

Doug Briney: I have some ideas for my next project, but truthfully nothing is in the works yet. I am thinking however rather then a full album of doing an EP and including some Country Gospel.

VCT: Congratulations on your IMEA award wins that must be a nice confirmation for all your hard work, do you have anything special you want to let all your fans know about 2015 and beyond?

Doug Briney: Thank you! It was a real honor and I’m still floored that I won. The biggest thing I want my fans to know is how much I appreciate them. Listening, supporting, downloading, purchasing and requesting my music, without them and folks like yourself playing and sharing my music, I might as well be singing in the shower. There are some incredibly talented people out there and for folks to take the time to listen means a lot to me.

VCT:  Do you have any memorable stories from when you recorded your first album?

Doug Briney: The sound engineer was awesome! I was having a bit of trouble with timing on the song “Second Dance” and he was able to help me. I just really enjoyed the experience of working with him.

VCT:  Do you prefer performing live or recording?

Doug Briney: As much as I enjoy recording, I love performing live. Nothing like seeing the crowd getting into a song and being right there with you hanging on each word.

VCT: When approaching a song what typically comes first the topic or is it just a magical thing?

Doug Briney: It really does depend, like I said sometimes it will be a melody I’ve had working in my mind for a while and other times it is a phrase or idea. On very rare occasions the “magic” happens where words and melody come together right away. For me anyway I have to work on it and massage it to get it right.

VCT:  I really appreciate all you are doing for veterans do you want to tell your friends anything about your plans for the future?

Doug Briney: Thank you, I have a deep love and appreciation for our military. Plans for the future, I guess a better way to say it would be more like some goals for this next year. I’d like to perform for our troops and would really like to head overseas to entertain our troops.

VCT: When touring some artists have some quirky requests, do you have any special requirements when on the road?

Doug Briney: LOL- I really don’t. I tell folks, I’m flexible like Gumby. My one request is to have water available for me and my band. I can drink a lot of water while performing as I sweat it out.

VCT:  Will you be on the road soon?

Doug Briney: Right now most of my performances are scheduled closer here to home. That being said, I am working on getting out with my band this spring and summer. We are really working hard to tighten up and be the very best that we can be, sound, performance and stage presence. We are working on it all.  Thank you again for the opportunity!


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