Yeah, we got a great album by a 4 man group that is a hybrid of Dylan, The Kinks and The Rolling Stones, you have to check them out live, they really shine and their style is bar none.  Grit Harbour‘s new album “Wild” is a spectacle that belongs in any serious audiophile’s library!  Let’s dig into this treasure track by track and press play now and read on…



On A Quiet Roof is a great opening to this spectacular album!  It reminds me of Dylan, early Kinks and it’s mellow folksy vibe will lure in even the most serious audiophile.

I’m Down Is a rockin’ tune with wild vocals and a raw rock groove.

Somewhere In The Night A nice mellow track that highlights the vocals and raw distinctive sound that Grit Harbour has carved out in the industry.

Ain’t Losing You Yeah this track will make the hairs on your neck stand up and give you the shivers.  It’s lively and filled with angst ridden vocal chants.

Come On Soul Filled with all the stylings of songs from long ago with a modern twist, this track will bring back memories of sitting around listening to Dylan and having good times with good friends.

Weather Changin This song is up close and personal right in your face with an amazingly delicate groove set out by the band.

I’ll Show You By now you realize Grit Harbour has definitely carved out a unique spot in music history.  This song features all the melodies and grooves you’ve come to expect from this fantastic band.

I Want My Love Back Nice piano and powerful backing instrumentation make this one a classic.

Tomorrow’s Worries A nice arrangement of clean guitars and nice backing rhythm with a nice vocal styling.

Indian Crown A nice happy song with a great opening.

Used To Say A powerful old time rock song that brings back the power of the 60’s right to the current day.

Sometimes Another classic song by a band that has pulled decades of music history into their unique sound.

The Way You Move Featuring a nice syncopated vibe that will cause the audience to get up and shake it.

It’s Yours Again Nice delicate guitars and harmonica make this one timeless.

Night Time A great ending to a spectacular album.

Definitely checkout Grit Harbour and be sure to hear them shine live in your local area!  Bravo!!!

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