Oh yeah got a one of kind album from a band by the name of melodic DIRT.  This self-titled debut album is free for download to registered visitors of melodicdirt.com  and I highly recommend you pick up your copy now.  Let’s dig into this pile of dirt to get the diamonds out of the mud.

Track 1 “another day in the life” Great start to this album.  The minimalist vibe and grunge guitar and raw vocals make this track pull out all stops to hook you, the listener!

Track 2 “i’d like to fly” The style developed by melodic Dirt is unique and hard hitting.  You know you are listening to melodic DIRT within a few seconds and being able to accomplish this is a marvel and mastery of sound.  This album is a must for the audiophile that likes to round out their collection with some really amazingly developed material.

Track 3 “sounding for me” The infectious style that only melodic DIRT can craft in this way makes this album keep giving more and more.  The approach is minimalist but this leads listeners who invest in playing the album over and over a great sonic adventure.

Track 4 “out of this world” I know you’re asking how do you make a guitar sound that way?  I have no idea but it is the signature for melodic DIRT and it sounds completely amazing!

Track 5 “away from my” I have been checking out this album for over a week now and this album keeps on delivering amazing stylistic sonic gems.

Track 6 “falling” A hard hitting track that gets you up and puts some really cool sounds in the mix.

Track 7 “from the ground” A great ending to a truly unique album.  This sonic piece of DIRT will easily be engrained into any listeners mind after one listen and repeated listens will make you appreciate its artistry.


Definitely checkout and pickup your free copy of melodic DIRT‘s debut album.  It is a marvel and artistic accomplishment that holds nothing back.  Bravo!!!

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