Last summer we had the privilege of receiving an advance copy of Red Monday‘s self-titled debut album and now we are going to dig into this massive treasure track by track giving a little more detail as to why you should definitely pickup your copy of this spectacular album today!  It is filled with 12 amazing rock tracks and smokin’ hot musicianship.  It is a must for any serious audiophile’s collection!


Name Artist Time Price

She’s On Fire Red Monday 4:08 $0.99 This track is a great start to a rockin’ album that will fill your body with an energy that is unmatched by most.

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Brianna Red Monday 4:02 $0.99 A catchy rock song that will lift you to a great place.  Red Monday certainly knows how to craft a great song

and this is just one of many songs you can rock to quite nicely. View In iTunes


Time (It’s About Time) Red Monday 3:38 $0.99 Another catchy song with a nice vibe and smooth arrangement.  View In iTunes

Isn”t That the Way Red Monday 4:35 $0.99 Great clean style and a fantastic lively selection of instrumentation. View In iTunes

Closer Red Monday 3:28 $0.99 A cool slow track that is filled with great harmonies and a great hook. View In iTunes

Sanctuary Red Monday 3:45 $0.99 This song is infectious and will get you on the dance floor with its pumping style. View In iTunes

When I Hear Your Voice Red Monday 3:51 $0.99 An epic love song with fantastic acoustic guitar and a driving chorus. View In iTunes

You Move Me Red Monday 3:03 $0.99 A powerhouse of a track that will get you moving! View In iTunes

Why Should I Lie Red Monday 5:10 $0.99 The slow warm development with piano accents makes this a classic track. View In iTunes

Broken Promises Red Monday 4:48 $0.99 A fantastically lively track filled with great bass hooks and an interesting arrangement. View In iTunes

Man in the Mirror Red Monday 3:42 $0.99 The vocals and style on this track shows why Red Monday really shines in their genre of classic rock. View In iTunes

Somebody Else Red Monday 4:16 $0.99 A great ending to a fantastic album that will get any listener rockin’.  View In iTunes


This classic rock act certainly has a big treasure with their debut album.  The production and arrangements are superb and the songwriting very refined and well developed.  Very Cool Tunes recommends that you check it out and add it to your collection of music!  Bravo!!!


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