Very Cool Tunes received a very special gift this holiday season from a talented philosopher and artist by the name of Renata Leuffen titled “In Circles”.  This one of a kind gift will enlighten any listener into a higher more positive state of mind after the first listen.  Let’s dig into this treasure track by track and be sure you pick up a copy today!

Name Artist Time Price

In Circles Renata Leuffen 11:49 Album Only A song dedicated to Samii Sheaffer a person on Twitter whohas a long history of suffering and rose above all this hardship.

Renata has a loving and heartfelt song dedicated to her story.

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On Depression Renata Leuffen 3:08 $0.99 An uplifting song with Renata’s unique delivery.View In iTunes

I Will Change the World,It Is in My Stars Renata Leuffen 7:06 $0.99 An interesting song with ambient sounds and a great message.View In iTunes

Turn Around Renata Leuffen 10:41 Album Only A mysterious stylistically refined song with many interestingsounds and Renata’s distinctive vocal stylings.

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I Am Happy,I Feel Good Renata Leuffen 5:01 $0.99 A happy song with excellent rhythms and a very positivevibe. View In iTunes

I Feel Good,I Feel Jesus Renata Leuffen 8:31 $0.99 A spiritual song that has very distinctive sounds.View In iTunes

Always Renata Leuffen 6:02 $0.99 I really think this track epitomizes Renata’s naturaland distinctive vocal approach to songs. View In iTunes

Today I Will Have Tea With Tea With the Queen Renata Leuffen 9:01 $0.99 Interesting song with bagpipes and other cultural symbols.View In iTunes

Today I Went to Siegfried’s Grave Renata Leuffen 7:03 $0.99 A very unique lyrical song that develops quite nicely.View In iTunes

The Earth Is Burning Renata Leuffen 6:14 $0.99 A serious song about the state of our climate.View In iTunes

Be sure to check out the videos below as well to see Renata in action.  It is quite a uniquely extraordinary thing that you won’t soon forget.  Bravo!!!


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