Got a bunch of tracks from Dealazer and been checking them out over a few days.  These tracks are top notch and will take you on a sonic adventure.  Let’s get started digging into the mastery of Dealazer now!


This track featuring LisaBe really is perfect for any dance floor.  The pounding kick and mix are perfect for setting the right tone for the night.

What a great vibe set by this track.  It develops nicely and Kim’s vocals really make it shine.  It’s got all the elements of a great club track.

A nice sonic journey featuring some really nice elements of rhythmic surprise.  This one really takes off and makes you want to explore the heavens.  The sitar element are truly spectacular.

A pounding track with great production and fast paced rhythm.  It really develops into a blockbuster track slowly and steadily.  This one is certain to get you jammin’ on the dance floor.

A fantastic track with synth stabs and a great melodic and hypnotic backdrop.

A great atmospheric track with 8 bit synth sounds that develop very nicely.  It is mellow and features some really nice twists and turns.


Dealazer definitely knows how to produce and arrange tracks.  This is only a sampling of his work, be sure to connect with him for future developments and a full range of sonic productions.  Bravo!!!

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