We received an EP to review and have been checking it out for the past week and this thing has grown on us like a toe fungus in a great way.  This latest EP by PyJ is a spectacular grunge album that features 6 tracks that will transform your existence in a raw state of blissful agony.  The EP is titled “It isn’t what it wasn’t” and is a marvel of sonic accomplishment and catchy tracks.  Let’s dig into this treasure piece by piece to dissect how this EP got so infectious in our ears.  It is a marvel that you MUST add to your collection!

 Never learn 02:45 What a great way to start an EP.  This song has no aplogies and a grungy and clean style that puts everything in the perfect proportions. 
Where have you gone? 03:12 Just when you got over the first track this track comes right in and keeps your interest and gets you going.
It isn’t what is wasn’t 02:09 The title track features a bizarre set of sonic treasures that will have you pressing replay over and over again.  This one is high energy so use
with caution!
All you’ve got 02:28 A quirky raw track that will get you in the mood to go up to a perfect stranger and give them a hug.
Surrounded 02:32 Fantastically rich track with minimalistic elements that will lure you into a sonic state of paralysis filled with ecstasy and wonderful emotion.
Obsession 02:24 A great ending to a truly special EP that will keep you in its pocket from start to finish.  Get it and get this one now!

 PyJ has put together a fantastic EP that belongs in any self-respecting audiophile’s library.  This one goes and doesn’t disappoint.  Pick it up now! Bravo!!!



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