We received a wonderful single performed by Marri Nallos titled “I Could Have Been Beautiful”.  The story behind this song is compelling and the song itself a beautiful treasure of warmth and love.  This song came about when Owen Heritage came across a story by a woman Alicia about her daughter.  Owen transformed the story into a song and arranged such a delicate and amazing composition.  It all started when Alicia a woman who had a very hard life took her daughter to a store to buy some clothing.  Her daughter loved princesses and things that were beautiful.  Alicia wrote a story witnessing her four year old daughter’s innocence and pure joy as they went out on their excursion to try on tiaras and other fanciful garb.  She danced around and played with her clothing on and freely shined a glow of love.  This song will fill you with such an emotional feeling you will want to play it over and over for hours on end.  Each time we listen to this gem we are filled with such emotion that we can hardly contain the love that enters into our bodies.  Marri Nallos “The Crystal Voice of Asia” resonates such a chord with listeners that this song in our opinion is destined to be a world wide radio sensation.  Her vocals are delicate and possess such a refined delivery that each time you listen you hear new things.  Please check out this lovely arrangement and get your copy today!  Bravo!!!



      I Could Have Been Beautiful

Lyrics by Alicia
Music by Owen Heritage
Performed by Marri Nallos

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