It is every now and then that Very Cool Tunes receives a truly amazing album and “Bando” by Chancius is one of them.  We have been checking out this album all week after it passed over our desk and each time we play it we get more and more into it’s fantastic development.  We are sure that our listeners will appreciate this album as much as we have this past week.  You must check it out now and share this post with all of your friends who like cool tunes.  Let’s dig in…

Hold On 05:15
A great start to the album with a futuristic vibe and nice development.
 A poppy tune that brings back the sound of the 80s and 90s.  It’s dreamy vocals and harmoniesreally work well.
Bando 04:21
 The title track is richly developed with some very nice sonic elements that will fill any listener witha great and intriguing feeling.  It develops slowly but offers fantastic stylistic elements.
 A powerful track with great elements that deliver an almost hypnotic experience to listeners.  Thearrangement in this track is quite nice with great rhythmic elements.
 A fast paced track that doesn’t disppoint.  The contrast in the vocals and musical arrangements offer anice experience.  The chorus slides in nicely with dreamy elements.
Chrysalis 00:57
 A futuristic track featuring really interesting sounds and ambient textures.  This track provides an interestingpause in the album that keeps you wanting more.
 Another dreamy track that features the sonic trademarks that only Chancius can deliver.  It has a catchy chorus with a message that paints a bleak picture with its beautiful delivery.
Big Wave 03:12
 This track is probably the staff’s favorite it is so distinctive with elements that are quite powerful.  The track’s dynamic range shifts and development build into such a fantastic catchy vibe.
 Another interesting track with great sonic elements that will grow on any listener who loves great music.
 Fantastically arranged piece with rich ambient elements that will leave you in a state of sonic bliss.  The vocals on this track are superbly delivered and will leave listeners with that warm and fuzzy feeling only great music can provide.

 Well the verdict is out and by unanimous decision everyone here at Very Cool Tunes voted a very cool album that you must add to your collection today!

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