VCT: Eleri it is great to finally have a chance to sit down and talk to you about your debut album “Love Cyanidation”. I have been checking out your previews and really like what I hear so far, can you tell us a little bit about how this project came about?


Fantastic, glad you like what you’ve heard so far! I have been writing songs for a really long time, and in fact some of the oldest songs on this album are from when I was 16. I always wanted to put together an album that not only had great songs but had awesome production, and I wanted to have the control over it all… So I did it myself. I went to audio school to learn the ins and outs of engineering. Once I moved to LA and built up my own studio, I felt ready to get serious about putting my skills to the test. It was a huge learning experience so I was easy on myself with deadlines, and I’m happy I gave the album the breathing room it needed. It took about four years to write, arrange, and engineer the majority of the album. My biggest strides were definitely in my vocals and in engineering.


VCT: Your style is so compelling and alluring you put subtle elements in your vocals that are quite fantastic, how did you come to develop your vocal stylings?


Thank you! A lot of my styling just depends on the emotion I want to express. I have such an array of influences vocally – Imogen Heap, Kelly Clarkson, Dido, P!nk, Tori Amos, Fiona Apple. I also have a background in classical and I use a lot of musical theater pieces to practice technique. With good technique and control you can do just about whatever you want!


VCT: Love Cyanidation is about lost love or love that is no longer, what is the best and worst part of a relationship ending?


Most of it is, yes. But some of it is about that initial spark (“Play Me”, “Ghosts of You”) and some of it is about self-love or non-romantic love (“Fatal Emergency”, “Help Me Find Me”). Hence the near-Valentine’s Day release! The best part of a relationship ending is finding yourself again, learning about what you really want, and giving yourself and opportunity to find something better. The worst part… Well it’s like death but the person still exists. So it’s really hard because it’s easy to wind up rebounding!


VCT: Is there any special thing you do when preparing for a recording session?


Warm up the vocals, warm up the mic, and hit record.


VCT:  Your music video for “I Need The Chase” is spectacular it is simple yet very engaging, do you want to talk a little bit about how the video came to be?


Thank you! My friend Ilgar (director) and I were talking about concepts and I sent him a couple of locations to check out. About a week before shooting, he visited KorovaDTLA and he called me saying, “Eleri, I love this location. I pretty much just shot the entire music video in my head.” So that was all it took. The people there said they’d never seen anyone use the warehouse the way we did before, which is awesome.


VCT: I am sure your fans would love to hear your plans for your new album and any touring that will support the project, do you have any tour dates booked?


I plan to do about a show per month. I’ll be playing my next show at Dipiazza’s in Long Beach on February 20th. All of my shows are listed on


VCT:  You are beautiful on the inside and out, I really would like to know what your best advice for young women who are struggling with their own identity?


Aww you are too sweet! I would say listen to your body. It knows more than your mind does. Don’t second-guess yourself, don’t “should” yourself, and don’t let anyone tell you that you don’t know what you’re talking about. Trust your gut and go for dreams, ladies!


VCT: When you write your songs do you collaborate with any other people?


I’ve only done a few collaborations and they aren’t on Love Cyanidation. But I like what I’ve done with my collaborator friends. I think I’ll throw those on the next EP or album because we have some cool stuff!


VCT: Do you have a favorite studio or producer that you work with?


I used to work at EastWest Studios and I just dig the place because it has all of the best equipment and it has a ton of history. Plus it just looks rad thanks to Philippe Starck! I haven’t worked with any producers yet but I love Brian Eno.


VCT:  Can you tell your fans what your plans are for 2015 and leave them with a special note on what to expect?


Plan on some awesome live shows! I’d really like to book some shows outside of LA. Be on the lookout for a new music video or two and maybe a few new singles.


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