VCT: KT it is a pleasure to finally get a chance to sit down and meet with you. Your schedule has been booked with lots of amazing things over the years and I am glad we have this opportunity. Over the past few years what was your favorite concert?
KT:  John so nice to be here! I have seen a lot of amazing concerts in the past few years, so it is hard to choose, but if I had to I would say Sara Bareilles at Radio City Music Hall. She is one of my favorite artists because her lyrics are so beautifully written and her voice so dynamic… but what really wowed me is that she sounds even better live than in her recordings! Plus, she sang “Someone to Watch over Me” in dedication to her dad, which I thought was very sweet.

VCT: KT your style is sophisticated and distinctive. I really enjoy all of your songs and wanted to know about your journey as a singer. Do you want to share a little bit with your fans on how they can grow as you have in their vocal ability?

KT:  My parents joke that I started singing before I could talk. As a little girl I always dreamed of being a Broadway star, so I started taking voice lessons and performing in school and church plays. I went to school for Musical Theatre at Emerson College, then moved to New York City to pursue my dream… but I was always writing my own songs on the side. Eventually I realized that my real passion was writing, and that by creating my own songs I could have the best of all worlds! So to any fans looking to grow their voice, my advice is to stay flexible and open to anywhere your voice may take you. And, of course, practice! Karaoke… singing in the shower… it all counts.

VCT: My friends actually told me about your talents after they saw you perform the opening at a Mets game. Can you tell me and all your fans how that was?

KT:  Breathtaking. The opportunity came about suddenly, so I barely had time to get nervous. Once I was standing on home plate with the mic in my hand, it was just surreal. Truly an honor. Plus they gave me my own green room!

VCT: You have so many amazing songs, one song “King and I” is one that I listened to and it’s now my favorite. Do you want to share a little bit about the song. It is just fantastic!
KT:  Thanks! “King and I” is a fun one… we love to perform it. We wanted to create a sound that was danceable and fun, but still had a little edge. It’s definitely a fan favorite.

VCT: You seem comfortable in your own skin and that really comes across in all your music, do you have any advice to aspiring artists on how they can find their own artistic space?

KT:  Try everything, and don’t try to fit a mold you’ve pre-conceived. Finding a sound is an organic experience. When I started making music, I never envisioned the work I’m doing now… but I’m so happy to be on this journey! We are still changing, still growing. It’s important to stay open to the adventure.

VCT: Your band is great, do you want to share how you all got together?

KT:  With a little help from good friends, and luck! A buddy from college introduced Captain Hitz and I a few years back, and we hit it off. After about two years of writing together, we decided we were ready to release an album and start playing gigs… but we needed a guitarist to round out the group. Hitz met John at a warehouse show in Brooklyn, traded info on the spot, and about two weeks later, we were a band!

VCT: The energy in your music is infectious and I was wondering how you and your band are able to capture that raw power?

KT:  Honestly, we’re just having a lot of fun. Of course we have some tunes that are really meaningful to us and personal, but whenever we are on stage we are just enjoying every second of it, and I think that feeling extends into the crowd. We grow from their energy, and they grow from ours.

VCT: Is there a favorite studio or producer you like to work with when you create your music?

KT:  Actually, most of the music we have made so far has been produced at home. Hitz converted his living room into a studio, and my basement is our rehearsal space. He has a little three-year-old daughter that always lets us know if we got a good take!

VCT: Do you have anything you want to share with your fans about 2015 and what they can expect?
KT: They can expect to see a lot more of us! More music, more shows… just a whole lot more KT.

VCT: It was such a great pleasure to meet with you KT when will I get so see you perform again, I can’t wait to check out your shows!

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