Got a 5 track EP from an artist by the name of Chris Cash The Gifted titled “Gift Rap”.  This one is serious and will get anyone going.  Chris Cash TG lays down raps that are real and authentic and definitely not for the kiddies.  Let’s dig into this treasure track by track right now.  Press play and read this review.

Track 1: “Fuego” – A great start to a powerful EP this track doesn’t mince any words and has a vibe that sets the tone right.

Track 2: “Speakerz Knockin” – A catchy song with all the elements to have you pump this one as your driving around.

Track 3: “Chillin, Drinkin, Smokin” –  An epic track with some true words from Chris Cash The Gifted.

Track 4: “Dat Nigga” – A hypnotic track that has some great elements to it.

Track 5: “Eat These Niggas” – Another great track and epic end to this EP that is not for the light weights.

Check out “Gift Rap”.  It certainly is not for the timid or wannabes.  This one hits hard and lays it down straight.
twitter: @ChrisCashTG

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