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It is every now and then that we receive a truly special album that turns our staff on so much that we have to shout!  Kary Sit is the complete package and her new album “Welcome to My Fantasy” is filled with pumping tracks that will get you partying all night long.  Kary is truly a sight and sound sensation!  Let’s dig into her latest album like a ecstatic full blown XTC party!


Song Share Time Download
1. Asylum
3:19 $1.29
2. Superdoll
3:37 $1.29
3. Merry Go Round
3:36 $1.29
4. She’s Back! (Interlude)
0:43 $1.29
5. Missy Mercy Me
2:50 $1.29
6. Sexy Me
2:48 album only


1. “Asylum” – This is a fantastic way to blast off the album and take you into Kary’s world of sensual pulsating pleasures…!  The production and arrangement on this track a grade A and Kary delivers a wild and energetic vocal style.  We have blasting this song for a week and know this will drive any dancefloor wild!  This is a great and powerful start to a great party album!

2. “Superdoll” – The energy keeps ramping up and this track doesn’t disappoint.  The energy on this track is mind blowing and you will want to get up and shake it every which way.  The sonic elements and power on this track are mesmerizing and will lead to a night of fun and pleasure that will not forget any time soon!

3. “Merry Go Round” – This track is a nice break that will get you into Kary’s mind.  It is mysterious and quite interesting and delivers a fun time like you are a spectator in a lovely carnival.

4. She’s Back! (Interlude) – A short sonic break that is quite interestingly developed.

5. “Missy Mercy Me” – Another dark and mysterious track that leads you into an interesting world of sonic bliss and excitement.

6. “Sexy Me” – A great ending to a fantastic party album, this album and song delivers a wonderful experience to all listeners.

You should pay attention to Kary Sit, she is the complete package that delivers the goods and then some.  Check out her latest album and connect with her today!




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