Well, well, well we just got an old school record from Dirty Doggs titled “Classic Material” and we’ve been getting into it for a few days now.  This album is filled with 18 tracks of classic material that will transport you back in time today with a modern take on things.  Dirty Doggs are a 3 man band:

Big Rock (Deeper Voice)
Danny R (Higher Voice)
Mike B, (Silent Member.. nods his head a lot)

Let’s dig into their treasure track by track, you should press play while you read our review to get the full effect!

Track 1: 01 Intro (clip) A great vibe set letting you know what you are about to get into

Track 2: 02 This Is Love (clip) – A real retro sounding track that is as authentic as it gets

Track 3: 03 Five Fingers Of Death (clip) – Great rap with amazing arrangement and vibe set by real players.

Track 4: 04 Up Like 11 (clip) Another old school track that is raw and hard hitting.

Track 5: 05 That’s My Dogg (clip) – A great rap with a great rhythm section and arrangement.

Track 6: 06 The Pioneers (clip) – Nice groove and feel to this one.

Track 7: 07 One More (clip) – Epic track with powerful instrumentation.

Track 8: 08 Wu Shit (clip) – Hard hitting and as real as it gets, this one makes no apologies.

Track 9: 09 Danny R (freestyle – Clip) – Nice feel to this track with lots of passion and soul.

Track 10: 10 Dirty Who (clip) – An interesting track that keeps this album delivering the goods.

Track 11: 11 Back In The Days (clip) – An upbeat cool vibe track.

Track 12: 12 Return 2 My HI (clip) – Another epic track telling the story behind DD.

Track 13:  13 You (clip) – A great old school track that will take you back with much respect.

Track 14: 14 Black & White (clip) – A cool jazzy track with great spoken word.

Track 15: 15 Fake G’s (remix) – Ft. Ant One (clip) – Another epic track that is as real as it gets.

Track 16: 16 Big Rock (freestyle – Clip)  -Great old school sound.

Track 17: 17 Back In The Days (remix – Clip) – Another great classic track that tells it like it is.

Track 18: 18 Outro (clip) – A great wrap up to a fantastic album that is worth adding to your collection!


These are just clips if you want more checkout www.dirtydoggs.com and find out how you can pickup your full length copies of this real deal album.

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