VCT: It is a great pleasure to finally get the chance to interview you Elizabeth. I have been a fan for a long time. You new music is quite interesting and I read the article on Reuters a few weeks ago. What gave you the idea of your new musical endeavor?


Thank you so much!

I have a great love for both pop and classical music, (I grew up listening to and writing pop, and I’ve trained as a classical singer for years). I started thinking about how much the two styles of music have in common at core. And this inspired me to think of how many ways it’s possible to combine them.

  VCT: I think crossover music is fantastic, it combines genres that you really wouldn’t expect to have work, were you surprised at how well your crossover work made some magic?


Thanks again!  Yes, the thing that surprised me most was the way fans embrace multiple styles of music.  This is true for both pop and classical fans. I think people in general have much more eclectic musical tastes than we realize.

  VCT: Tell your fans a little bit about your story with music and how this all came about.


I’ve always loved music and loved to sing. One day in the fourth grade I was singing scales in music class and my teacher told me that I have the voice of a classical singer. She actually took me to see my first opera in NYC – I didn’t know anything about classical music at the time. She talked to my parents and told them I should get training. In the meantime, I also loved pop music. Eventually I decided to combine the two.


 VCT: Is there anything your fans can expect in 2015 and beyond?


I’m excited to announce that my solo classical album, A Lovely Light, will be released by Centaur Records on March 10th, 2015. There will also be several new music videos. And hopefully I’ll release at least one more album this year!

  VCT: Do you like recording or performing better?


It’s hard to say! They are both exciting, challenging, rewarding in different ways. I guess performing because you get that instant feedback from the audience. 

 VCT: Your music video for the Donna Summers song was great, do you want to tell us more about it?


Thanks again!! I got to film the video at PPI Recording in Soho, New York City, the same studio I’ve been recording my albums in, which was such a treat! And I got to work with pianist Michael Ward, who has co-produced several of my original songs and performed with me live, so that was great!

I’ve always been a fan of Donna Summer, I love the way she had a classical background and performed mainstream pop songs, so I hope this video was an homage to her!

  VCT: Your voice is quite exquisite and it is clear you have years of training, what can you tell young aspiring artists the greatest challenge is when developing your talents?


I would say believe in yourself and trust your own instincts. Also, seek out mentorship. Everybody good works hard, no matter what some people say, and even the most talented people have sometimes been told they suck. A mentor helps you to remember that.  


 VCT: Is there a funny story you have in the studio or on stage that you want to share with your fans?


One time I was singing in NYC and the director of the show didn’t think he’d be able to make it to the opening performance. At my entrance, I was supposed to walk through the audience to the stage while singing. I saw this guy sitting in the front row who looked like the director from the back. So as I walked past him, I gave him a little punch on the shoulder because I was glad he was able to make it. Then when I got to the stage, I realized I had just punched a perfect stranger’s arm! I had to apologize after the show. I wonder what that guy thought!


 VCT: Do you have a favorite musical artist that influenced your journey?


So many! For opera, I’d say Pavarotti. For pop, the Beatles. Also Madonna. And the Moody Blues, the list goes on…


 VCT:  Any final thoughts you want to share with your fans?


Thanks to everyone who watches my videos, buys my albums, and comes to my concerts. This would not be possible without you!

Stay tuned!!

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