VCT:  Ed it is great to finally get an interview with you, your music is quite extraordinary and I’ve been wanting to chat about it. Can you tell me a little bit about how this all came about?
Ed: John, firstly, let me thank you for doing this.  As far as the origin of 1700MN goes, it’s pretty simple.  I’d been doing the singer-songwriter thing in the city for years, and quite frankly, I was bored with the white guy and his acoustic guitar thing.  I mean, they’re a fucking dime a dozen.  Close your eyes, throw a rock and you’ll hit one.  I wanted to make music like the stuff I’d go home and listen to after playing out.  I love electronic music…all different kinds.  A guy at my job gave me FL Studio that he got from Pirate Bay, and I was right out making tracks.  The songs on “3 little wishes,” the first EP in 2012 show that beginning.  Very basic stuff, recorded low-fi.  Much different from the place 1700MN is in now.  


VCT: Where 1700MN is now.  Yes, I wanted to ask how you create the sounds found on the latest compositions.  Specifically, the new record “you ARE the storm.”
Ed: The sounds I make are products of a combo of FL Studio, a plethora of plugins, and Novation hardware. 


VCT: Your style is quite unique and stands out from the crowd, if you had to lump it under a genre or a label, what would you call it? 

Ed: I make electronic music, and I’m not thrilled about labels. I think if you have to speak about such things, you should look at how a producer or a band makes their music. The process is more important than the conclusion.  

VCT: Do you record in a studio?
Ed:  No need.  It’s the 21st century. 


VCT: Have you had any of your music played at large or intimate venues?
Ed: I currently don’t play out. 


VCT: Is there anything you would like to share with your fans about things happening in 2015?
Ed: 2015 will bring more work.  Making a new record right now.  Always working.


VCT: When it comes to writing music what is your inspiration?
Ed: Lots of electronic musicians, producers.  From Skrillex, Downlink, to NIN, Ministry.


VCT: Is there any secret sauce you would like to share with fellow composers?

Ed: Secret sauce? Um…do this for yourself. Make music that you like and if other people do, it’s an added bonus.  Once you start going into a song with the idea that you are obligated to make it like the stuff you’ve made that people like, or just outright following current popular trends with the naïve hope that it’s gonna get you more fans…well, once you start that, you’re a whore.  Pure and simple.  And any true artist can sense that a mile away.  At the end of the day, the whores fade away.  Real lovers of music, of art in general, they look for what is unique, what is fresh.  We respect those who do this because they want to, because they have to.  Not because other people want them to.  There’s a quote by Craig Ferguson, the late night guy.  He said “Do what you love and you’re fucking bulletproof.”  I think that’s how you need to approach any artistic endeavor. 
VCT: What is the most important thing you would like people to know about your music?

Ed: It’s in the work. All in the work. If you walk away having been provoked, having been stimulated in some way that makes you think, that gives you something…then I’d say that’s important.  But what someone takes away will always be different than what was happening inside the artist when she was making her stuff.\

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