Paranoia of Success

by DaVinchee X

Paranoia of Success cover art
Summertime 89 00:00 / 03:28
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DaVinchee X just sent us over his latest album “Paranoia of Success” and we’ve been checking it out for days now diggin’ all the tracks.  His style is smooth and the album will entertain you with its great tracks.  Let’s dig into this treasure track by track.

Summertime 89 03:28 A great start to a fantastic album, DaVinchee X lays down his smooth track and sets a cool relaxed vibe for the start of this album.
Tree Top 03:22 A quirky fun track with an amazingly rich sonic experience.
Freemind 03:30 A mysterious and vibrant track with really nice vibrations.  This one grows on you and definitely will free your mind.
Stars 02:55 A great track with an excellently developed feel.
Atlas 03:09 An epic track with monster beats and large sounds.
Faces of Pleasure 04:04 Another interesting track that will take you to another realm.
The Want of Will 03:04 An upbeat track with very wild sonic elements along with DaVinchee X classic style.
9Figure Android 03:59 This track is probably one of our favorite’s on the album it will certainly grow on you.
Addicta 2 Stona 03:22 Spacey trippy track with a mellow vibe.
BNT 03:37 Another interesting track that features rich sonic elements and fantastic development.
Eternal Happiness 06:30 The longest track on the album this one is a great ending to an album worth picking up! 

You have to check out “Paranoia of Success” by DaVinchee X, it is a sonic marvel that will entertain you for a very long time!

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