Wow, we just got an amazing new album from a band by the name of Human Behavior titled “Bethpage”.  This 8 track album is filled with authentic songs titled Chapter 1 – Chapter 8.  Each song develops so nicely with a distinctive sound that will fill you with amazingly rich sonic elements.  You have to check this one out and add it to your collection!  


  •  $5 USD  or more

Chapter 1 09:59
Chapter 2 03:36
Chapter 3 04:30
Chapter 4 02:39
Chapter 5 05:28
Chapter 6 07:18
Chapter 7 01:52
Chapter 8 07:35

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  1. FRI 4/24 SIR RICHARD BISHOP + Robert Millis + Human Behavior!!

    […] Tonight we are thrilled to be hosting genre spanning guitar virtuoso Sir Richard Bishop. Seminal founder of the band Sun City Girls (Possibly the best AZ band EVER!!) and co-founder of label Sublime Frequencies, Bishop is touring in support of his new critically acclaimed Drag City release “Tangiers Sessions”. SRB is touring  with an electric guitar & pedals to make things interesting along w/ experimental musician Robert Millis to further amp up the experience!!  The sure to sell-out celebration starts with Tucson’s critically acclaimed  dark folk collective Human Behavior  (they just released the stunning album BETHPAGE )!! […]


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