VCT: It is great to finally get an interview with you, what is the inspiration behind your music?
Our family, Detroit, and Rock ‘n’ Roll.

VCT: On your latest album you rip it up with some killer tracks, how did this album get made?
I guess you can say the old fashioned way. We were all together laying down the tracks as a band. Recording is the most fun that way.

VCT: Your music is full of energy and pumps any listener up to the highest level, how do you guys achieve this full octane sound?
With practice and rehearsals, I guess we enjoy that Rock ‘n’ Roll exhilaration just as much as everybody else.

VCT: Is there a favorite story you have on the road?
We have many, but one of the most fondest is when Death played the Lincoln Center in New York and they could not stop people from coming up front to dance. We were told that was the first time they allowed people to be up front in front of the stage dancing.

VCT:  Do you prefer live performances or recording in the studio?

Both really. In the studio you have the freedom to create and re-create. You only get one chance to play every note on a live show.

VCT: When it comes to writing a killer track what are the special ingredients?
First the magic you hear within, second the excitement you feel as you can’t wait to put down the track, and of course a sound and feel that gives you goose bumps.

VCT:  What is the best way a band can break through like you guys have?
Perseverance, faith, staying true to playing music no matter what.

VCT: Is there a special note you want to leave for your fans regarding what’s coming in 2015 and beyond?
The N.E.W. Death album to be released on April 21, 2015, Death appearances in various parts of America and Europe, a new autobiography book that is soon to be released, and other projects…we’ll announce soon.

VCT:  What do you feel the biggest problem is with the current music scene?
The music scene itself is it’s own biggest problem. Ever-changing, not keeping up with change, changing too late, changing too soon…that’s why it’s so unpredictable.

VCT: What is the most important message you want to leave with your music?
Truth, family, friends, the real value of living. God Loves Rock ‘N’ Roll!!!

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