Oh yeah, before you read any more press play on the track above so you know what we know.  Did you press play?  Okay good… Mannequin sent us over their EP with four tracks that will grab you by the nuts and rip out your soul.  Oh yeah Mannequin is ready for prime time with their shreds and powerhouse productions.  If you have a taste for metal this metal is not only great, it will pump up your blood pressure to a point where you will stomp around and make a scene.  Mannequin is a band from North-East England and features Benjo James on vocals and Jack Wilson on guitars.  This duo knows how to put together some kick ass sonic power.  See what we are talking about let’s go a bit further and check out the other tracks…

But if you want to know the lyrics for the above track here they are:

Multiple piercings scream to the world she’s happy to be penetrated
Subscribing to the gynocentric doctrine that would happily have men castrated
Different hair colour every week, I guess she cares not for her roots
She clothes herself in reassuring lies to hide an inconvenient truth

To nothing but her selfishness would she ever be a bride
Her (outer, fading) beauty contradicted idyllic dreams of menocide
Analogous to the ethos that turned a (proud) nation into a mere cuntry
She personifies the nail in the coffin of the nuclear family

Cutting her ties to tradition with every one of her scalp hairs that she’s shaving
Tattoos scar her skin, a cicatrix for every dick she’s ever taken
The plague that Marx ordered for the West is delivered
This Modern Woman stands a Harpy Doll, femininity disfigured

Running away from responsibility keeps her fit
Only a mentally ill populous would put with her shit
Depravity held her close, like she were a tiny dancer
Moral degradation has now spread through the Western world like cancer


“A Wolf In Sleek Clothing” features raw and powerful shreds and primal screams.  This one picks up and has some very nice twists and turns in it.

“Bitchcraft” is quite a marvel of thundering riffs and will pump up any listener with its wild ride and arrangement.

“Creeping Beauty” is a great ending to a fantastic EP.  You will love fall into the lure of this mysterious track that builds over 10 minutes to take you where you yearn to be.


Checkout Mannequin and share this post so they get the respect they deserve.  This band really knows how to put down tracks.  Check them out!




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