VCT:  It is great meeting with you Superdoll I am a big fan of your work and was wondering if you can tell all your fans what to expect in 2015?

I expect to complete at least one music video and a series of food for thoughts video series for how anyone can be a superhero in their own right. Also I’m releasing my upcoming dance DVD series through my dance program with DANCE a GoGo ( ) to teach women how to be and feel powerful and confident by embracing their own identities.


VCT:   Your style is sensual and sexy and really gets your fans going, how did you come to develop this style?

I never thought about developing it this way or that way, it’s just part of who I am. I do what inspires me and make me feel free and empowered. I believe femininity at the end of the day is powerfully sophisticated and nurturing; like a mother, she is loving and she is fierce. She will do whatever it takes to protect, fight, create and love. That’s how I feel about being a woman is truly about. She fights for her man, her family, her country and her children. That’s what a woman is, she is sensual, powerful, confident and a fighter. Every bit of femininity that’s embedded with such masculinity makes such womanhood balanced and invincibly inspiring, just like mother earth.


VCT:   You have great experience dancing for big stars, do you want to share any stories with your fans about stories from performances you’ve been a part of?

I think the greatest experience would be with Britney Spears and Madonna, simply because of the memories and perspectives I had I was young girl still living in Taiwan. There was also this perception of America and its entertainment and cultural influences. Then there was the east evolving and adapting the western thinking, art, technologies and fashions. I grew up in that atmosphere in the 90s where the world was changing fast. So when I was dancing next to them in USA, part of me felt it was all surreal and part of me felt empowered with the idea that nothing is indeed impossible. I had a point to make when I came to America with nothing but my backpack, so when I achieved my goals, I felt nothing but relieved that I was finally free… free from common perceptions, society fears and false ideologies. They can learn more about my entertainment resume on my Andrea Lin website at

VCT:  When it comes to music and performing which is your favorite, the recording or performance?

I love both. Recording involves your creative freedom and intimacy, and live shows give you a different kind of universe that make the world shakes and turns. Both are privileges and empowering. I love art and I’ll make art until my last breath. It feels amazing to manipulate ideas and turn them into something, manifest it and make others move with you with their every fiber and soul. What an amazing feeling.

VCT:  Who is your favorite artist today?

In the music world, it’s more than definitely Lady GaGa, a NYU drop-out she is, young, full of ideas, creative and dare, that’s HOT. I love that. I also love her intellect and wit as well as humor. It isn’t so much of art that inspires me but rather it’s her personality coupled with her knowledge. Her performances are literally a walkthrough of art history and fashion courses combined together. I am not like most people that get too fascinated by the presentation of her so called “weirdness”; perhaps I’m a weirdo myself. I just am peculiarly interested in her way of being, a pop singer with an artist soul, rocking a heavy metal personality all put into one, that to me is absolutely fascinating. If I ever get a music collaboration with her, definitely we’ll out-do the Telephone music video she’s done. I’m interested in revolutions, things to pave the way for the new comers and the future. She has done that. I admire her for it.

VCT:   When you perform on stage how do you prepare?

I get ready by getting myself in a zone. A zone where there’s zero thinking mind, a zone where everything I do is out of intuitions and habits and fully immerse myself in the process of an artist that live for the sake of creations and achieve based on total commitment of giving and providing and not let myself or ego to take the lead of my being, rather, I sit and watch as an observer and create “myself” as if the coach of me is separate from the performer of me. I believe in such a way, you can achieve excellence having no attachments of any noise that is not you, but what your true potential is.

VCT:   What is your favorite food?

I LOVE Asian foods of course, and being Chinese and growing up in Taiwan, I of course, love my home foods the best. However, I love foods of the world, and I eat everything so to speak and appreciate all cultures. However, I’m definitely an organic wholefood-ist. Earth loving foods that are eco and natural is my devotion to life and our mother earth.

VCT:   You are a complete package with amazing talent, did you study with any people to gain experience?

Not really, I’m a big self taught artist and scientist in everything and anything. I can do most of the post productions for media and produce them and I can run most of the necessary computer software to create and process any creative endeavors. I don’t have much I cannot do wether I already know them or not. I can learn anything and do anything. We all have powerful minds and mine was blessed with such natural instincts for learning. I can learn 100 times faster than most people, it’s a gift.

VCT:  What is your favorite activity besides music?

I love any kinds of art, dance of course is my home base. But I love outdoors, I love anything under the sun that is enjoyed under the sun. Rollerskating for instance is much too fun. I’m a novice, but I never doubted that I can do anything once I put my mind to it. The rest is a just a journey and of course time and energies that you’re allowing yourself to invest into it.

VCT:   Do you have a favorite place where you like to go clubbing when you are not performing?

Honestly, I don’t go clubbing since many years ago. I know that might sound funny but I don’t find much fulfillment in that environment when it’s solely based on social interactions rather than individualistic desires. I of course love letting go and free styling and doing whatever feel good in that moment, but I have grown out of that need of finding such satisfactions in clubs. I can do it in my car, under the stars and next to the rivers. I feel if you have it with you, it’s there all the time. You can liberate anytime and anywhere.

VCT:  Have any last things to say to your fans?

I want everyone to know that they can be whoever they want to be and whatever they want to be. Such life is short and it’s not to be lived with expectations that are not of your own. You may think SUPERDOLL as an artist name is silly and or what Lady GaGa felt when she named herself as such. But in the end, look around you, people are capable of making anything funny and or ugly, such as sex. Beauty is in the eyes of the observers, so are your dreams. Be ready to take life for what you want it to be against all odds, then your dimension will be on such a level that speak not only to your core but also turn into hopes for others. “Be a superhero in your own right.” is my advocacy. Create a pen name or an artist name, whatever you want to make yourself and remind yourself to become who you really want to be and become. I have written a lot of empowering quotes on my SUPERDOLL website at for anyone to visit. Work towards creation and have fun riding the waves and do not mind getting wet at the mean time. That’s my last message to anyone reading this article. So, go out and kick some ass! 🙂 xo


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