VCT: It is great to finally get an interview with you two. I really enjoy your approach to making music and feel that the art of music making has disappeared, why do you think this is the case?

Well I don’t think think it necessarily has disappeared as there are so many great artists out there right now making amazing music with a very original and powerful message. The problem is that sometimes they are overshadowed or drowned out by the majority of artists/media/industry who create and market harmful, meaningless, profit motivated music. However I do believe we’re nearing a cultural shift.. I believe people will soon demand better, and more original content. As the people raise the bar on what is acceptable, so will the artist.
VCT:  On your debut single “Philosophy of Hope” what is the main message you want to convey?

I just want to try and get people to think. People should question themselves and the world around them. Awareness is the first step to improving ourselves and the world around us. “Philosophy of Hope” is my reflection in hopes of getting you to reflect.
VCT: When recording a song do you have everything created at once or is it more of an evolutionary process?

Really depends on the project. I actually produced and wrote “Philosophy Of Hope” when I was 16 and never did anything with it until now. Thanks to audio engineer Greg Pizzullo, vocalist Christina Maia, and mastering engineer Mark B. Christensen we were able to recreate a record that was locked in my basement for years.

The team around me has literally resurrected my music. I couldn’t be more grateful for where they’ve taken my vision. The process changes based on the project, but currently most of the stuff that we’re doing I already wrote and pre-produced. The mixing and final production stage is really where the project evolves and becomes time consuming.

VCT:  The passion in your music is clear and I was wondering if you can shine a little light on how you kindle that passion?

Everything I write about is a piece of me. I’m able to be so passionate because the music is so personal. Hell I’ve learned so much about myself and the world around me from just analyzing my subconscious through my music. I’m truly blessed to be able to express myself so fully. My music is me, every word and song is a piece of who I am.
VCT: How did you come up with the name of your band?

“Mercury & The Architects” – It kind of just came to me. I never was able to really label my music until one day I just sat down, listened to everything I’ve ever written and the concept just came out. The name couldn’t better fit the ideals we represent. We are all creators of fate, architects of our destiny. Mercury represents the messenger of the gods or fate. The Architects are those who design and bring that message to life.
VCT: Have you ever played your music live?

Yes we’ve played live before! We really hope to start playing out at least once a week once all the pieces of the band are filled. Our live show currently consists of co-founder and illustrator Chelsea Rae on Piano, Christina Maia on Vocals, Joe Petito on Guitar/Drums, and myself (TJ Mercury) on Vocals and guitar at times. We are planning to host our own events/parties every month starting this summer!
VCT:  There is such a rich sonic experience in your music, do you use producers to help create this sonic soundscape or is it a craft you’ve mastered over time?

Thank you that’s awesome you feel that. I produce everything myself, I currently write all the instrumentation digitally however I hope to shift over to live instruments once the band is properly assembled. Greg Pizzullo did an unbelievable job mixing and bringing the production to life, guys a maverick.

He also helps with the final production of the project as we are always bouncing new ideas off each other. He is super talented and amazing to work with.

VCT:  When you record together is there any quirky things you do to create your vibe?

Not really we’re just always trying to create a comfortable environment. I guess sometimes we get quirky in terms of lighting lol I don’t like when its bright, I don’t think Christina does either. We always have some christmas lights or candles going. You have to ya know?

VCT:  What are your plans for 2015 and beyond?

Well our debut E.P. “Poets & The Beast” is set for release very soon! If you guys liked “Philosophy of Hope” you’re going to love the other 5 songs. We are also working on a full length L.P. which is going to feature a lot of different styles of music, and talented featured artists, all flowing through my writing and concept. Other then that we’re looking to collaborate with as many people as possible. I recently wrote the hook and Christina Maia sang the hook to Young Lucids song “Runaway” which featured a verse from the amazing Joel Ortiz. That was an unbelievable experience.
VCT: When it comes to your fans what is the one thing you want to let them know?

I’d like them to know that the best is yet to come. Honest truth we are yet to even record some of the best material. I promise our content will consistently get better and better. I strive to provide you with great, inspiring music and nothing less. Your support means everything to us. Thank you.



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