VCT:   Samie it is great to finally get to interview you. Your latest single “Million Pieces” is quite refreshing. Do you want to tell me how this all came about?

Samie:  Beginning with a pieces of music starts as an idea,of wanting to communicate something!Writing a song is like waiting a picture with a emotion to let people know what you feel! Music is truly a language to communicate to somebody to understand what you feel! ”Million Pieces ”is birthed from my family life experience which serves us as an anthem for all,inspired by Job 13:15 Though you slay me,yet will i trust you! Even though life has been shattered like a glass into a million pieces,yet will i trust you!The Million Pieces that you think is broken beyond repair can be put together again,only when we learn to Trust God. Even though life has been shattered like a glass into a million pieces,take the time to trust God,he will help you to piece it together again! Your heart that you think is broken beyond repair,will be healed and made new,and stronger than ever,coz God will never forsake you and there’s nothing he can’t heal! IN God alone,we have help at all times(Job1:20-22)

VCT:   When did you first start writing songs?

Samie: I started writing songs way back when i was a little teenager,i was inspired writing songs listening to various artist and musicians,and later i joined the media industry,Tv&Radios,i had the opportunity of listening to different albums by different artists and musicians from around the world,how they write their songs and stories,and beside this i enjoy writing and i have written a couple books as well,to be published soon!

VCT:   What is your favorite part of the creative process?
Samie: My favorite creative process comes when i am putting the pieces of the song together,be it the lyrics or creating and remixing the track!

VCT:  When it comes to music who are your greatest infuences.
Samie: My greatest influence is the Bible,however when it comes to creating music,my greatest influences is from my celebrity music and vocal coach Roger Burnley,and of course there also other like Deitrick,Brandy,Darwin Hobbs,Michael Bolton,to mention a few.

VCT:   Do you prefer recording or performing live?

Samie: I do both, recording and live.

VCT:  When it comes to recording a song is there any special approach you take?

Samie: Yes,each song has a different special approach,There’s a special approach i take on each of my songs!

VCT:  Do you use a producer when you record?

Samie: My message to the fans,and to the world at large through Song”Million Pieces” The message in this song is clear,and keeps repeating itself”We are never alone,no matter what we go through,take time to Trust God,even though life may seem to have been shattered like a glass into a million pieces,if you will trust God,he will enable you to piece it together again!The million pieces that you think is broken beyond repair can be put together again,only when we learn ti trust Him!God promises us that He’ll never forsake you,and that there’s nothing he can’t heal! In God,we have help at all times! He’s our refuge and present help in times of need!

VCT:   Is there any special story you would like to share with your fans about the making of Million Pieces?

Samie: My plans for the remainder of 2015,I am working on my tour concert schedule and soon will be available on to my official website at

VCT:  What are your plans for the remainder of 2015?

Samie: My parting note to the fans out there on what they should expect,i am in the studio remixing and compiling my forth coming full album-to be released before the end of this year! This is a must listen to album,”All in one”From Contemporary R&B,Soul,Pop,Reggae to Afro Fusion.Expect some great christian love wedding songs,Worship songs for your soul,Slow ballads for your relaxation

VCT:  Do you have a parting note to your fans for what they can expect?

Samie: I am at the moment in the process of releasing my 4th New Hit single”Completely” off the forth coming album,soon to be released,and will be available on all digital music platform; iTunes,Amazon,Cdbaby,Tidal,Google,and will be followed by a music video to go along song on Yahoo,Vevo/Youtube,MuzuTv,and other networks.

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