1. eXist – A great opening to a fantastic self titled EP.  This track has all the elements that will have you getting into a deep emotional journey of sonic joy and pleasure.
  2. We’re Time Machines – An epic track featuring acoustic guitar and fantastic layers that paint an amazingly rich sonic picture.
  3. Hole in my Soul – This pumping track features super catchy synth elements and a really cool vocal with hooks all around.  This track can really set a soundscape that with all the elements.  The chorus is fantastically addictive and drags you in deeper each time it repeats.
  4. Broken – A minimalistic treat that features clean crisp guitar and a dreamy backing arrangement.  This track is up close and personal and features some nice twists and turns.
  5. Calling All Fallen Angels – An addictive track with great syncopation and interesting harmonies and phenomenal rhythm development.
  6. Really Feeling Somthing – A powerful way to wrap up this fantastic EP.  It has power exuding from every sound and features hooks and sonic treats that will keep you pumped up!


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