When you listen to AlterEgo Vibe you know you are listening to top notch music. ¬†Their sound is polished and filled with excellent musicianship and quite catchy vocals. ¬†This band’s latest album¬†will captivate any listener and transport them to a cool place where they will be able to let go and get into the sounds of AlterEgo Vibe. ¬†The five tracks on their album¬†are completely original pieces that spotlight AlterEgo Vibe’s style. Let’s dig into each track to take a closer look, be sure to share and like this post and check out the band’s web site.

Track 1 – “Coming Back To Life” – The energy and style on this track is addictive and will get anyone into their vibe. ¬†It infuses 70s style hooks that will free your body and soul to get up and get down.

Track 2 – “Get No More” – Hooks and amazing bass riffs make this track a special delight. ¬†It definitely keeps the energy flowing and going on.

Track 3 – “Gotta Pray” – A soulful track filled with nice accents of horns and great backing vocals.

Track 4 – “Join The Revolution” – A funky track that is smoothly delivered and tight with it’s infectious groove.

Track 5 – “Wishing You Were Here” – A sensuous track with delicate musical elements that will weave a nice feel that provides a great ending to a truly great album.

Again, we at Very Cool Tunes highly recommend you check out AlterEgo Vibe and their album Back To Life.  It is a great addition to any serious audiophiles collection.





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