1) Lovari it is great to finally get an interview with you. I see you have been busy the past few years with music and acting. What is currently going on in your career?


Thank you so much. My new remix album “I Wanna Be Loved” has just been released. In addition to remixes of my previously released singles, it also includes the new tracks “Touch Me” (feat. Robin Byrd) and “The Floor” (feat. David Eric). I also have been signed on for the season on “The Chris Kepford Show” on Funny Or Die. My character’s name is Benji, and he basically hits on all of the cops and detectives at the bar.


2) When it comes to performing music or acting in a movie do you use the same creative background for each or is it different?

I definitely have more creative control with music. I write my own songs and arrange the vocals, and can choose to sing in any tone that I feel goes well with it. In regard to acting, you have to embody the idea of what the script writer and director has for your character, although obviously your personality is going to come through in some form.


3) What was it like acting in a movie with Angelina Jolie?

I played one of her brothers in the movie “Salt”. Angie is a very humble, giving, introspective person. The biggest revelation that came to me while working on the set was about how much the media actually does stretch the truth and create fabrications. An example of this is that I got a call from Star Magazine while I was on set, asking me ridiculous questions in regard to an alleged affair that she was having and her “erratic” behavior on set. None of it was true. I emphatically let them know that not only were they absolutely wrong, but that their perception of her personality was so far removed from the truth.  It was very upsetting to see a person like her that was hard working, on set the same amount of time as the rest of the cast and crew, at the craftee table like everybody else, taking photos with all of us, on the phone during her breaks with numerous organizations that she is involved with, spending time with her children who were very well mannered, and yet the press was busy writing ridiculous things about what was allegedly going on during filming. I was on that set for sixteen days – all of which we were in the same room, as she was our sister in the scenes. None of what the press saying that she did was true. That really opened my eyes about the manipulation of the media.

4) What gives you the greatest sense of pride in your career?

The idea that I never gave up on my dreams, and when I have opportunities like this to be interviewed, and to see my name in print.


5) Your music is fantastic, is there any special approach you take when recording a new song?

Thank you. I’m very grateful for that. In regard to the approach that I take, I always think of a personal theme of what I am going through or of a subject that is on my mind. I can never write or something about something that I haven’t been through or that I don’t believe in. For example, I can never sing or write a song about drugs, because I don’t do drugs.


6) What can fans expect in 2015 and beyond?

I will be on the Funny Or Die series “The Chris Kepford Show” as Benji, who is basically a horndog who hits on just about everybody. I also shot a music video for my song “Right Here” from my new remix album. I am going to continue to promote the music video “The Floor” (feat. David Eric), which is currently on MTV.com and my song “Touch Me” with Robin Byrd, which we have been performing at various events, such as the Get Out Awards in NYC. I am a spokesperson for Headstrong NY, microscalp pigmentation for hair, so I will be making appearances speaking about that as well. I’m very grateful to my LFamz for their support!






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