Suburban Vermin just sent us over a preview of their latest album “Headless Over Heels” and we’ve been checking it out for weeks now.  The more we listen the more we get into the authentic style and power that only Suburban Vermin can deliver.  This album features 12 tracks that are so filled with energy and a no apologies approach to songwriting you must put this one into your collection!  Let’s dig into this raw unadulterated powerhouse piece by piece.

Suburban Vermin are the real deal punk band that knows how to deliver the power and energy only punk can deal.  The album starts off with the title track “Headless Over Heels” and puts things in gear with a signature sound that is truly bad ass punk rock times ten.  The album never gives up and each progressive track makes you want to get off your ass and pounce around the floor.  Jason’s vocals are a perfect addition to the raucous and raunchy gritty instrumentation.  This album will make the perfect backdrop to a kick ass party or gathering anywhere and anytime.

Tracks like “Oh Gia” are fantastic and leave you wanting more, and “Lady Holiday” comes right in and kicks your ass with sonic mastery and power.

This album is relentless in it’s pure sonic power and you have to get your copy once it becomes available you will not regret picking up a copy of this masterful punk album that will smack your ears with sounds that haven’t been around for quite a long time!

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