Russell Suereth just sent us over a copy of his latest album “Spiritual Haven”.  This album is filled with soothing and relaxing songs that will transport you to place of calm serenity and emotional balance.  Russell has developed a few very nice thematic arrangements throughout the entire album that will bring a sense of oneness with the entire piece.  His selection of instrumentation is finely matched by his impeccable timing and nuance.  Whether you are looking to wind down and relax over a nice long weekend or taking a trip somewhere special, this album will make your experiences even richer and more memorable.  The twelve compositions on the album Spiritual Haven flow very nicely along weaving a very intimate yet refreshing melodic journey to a place that will fill your senses with rich atmospherics and ethnic sounds.  Russell paints pictures with his arrangements that will reach deep down into the sonic space of listeners to unlock some delightful and refreshing experiences.  He knows how to delicately place some truly special sounds into his compositions that will enliven even the most beat down person into a fresher more present state of mind.  Spiritual Haven is a must have for any serious audiophile and will certainly fill your sonic environment with many poignant and uplifting melodies.  We highly recommend you check out Russell Suereth’s “Spiritual Haven” and share this post to all of your friends and family!


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