Released a few weeks ago Killin Lyrics sent us over his latest album “Holywood to DC” and we’ve been checking it out over the past few days.  This 14 track album will provide any listener with a nice variety of real and authentic tracks that will entertain them over and over for a very long time.  Let’s dig into this treasure track by track to reveal it’s true power!

The album starts off nicely with a track titled “Akil They Ain’t Ready for Hollywood to DC”.  This track features amazing production and a smooth yet edgy quality that is a great start to an impressive album.  The next track is a single that Killin Lyrics has been promoting as the first single from the album titled “Pick Your Head Up”.  This one is a powerful old style track featuring powerful lyrical content and fantastic accents.  The album moves onto track 3 “Bass Funk Music” that has an amazing vibe to it.  The power and energy continues with track 4 “Ungrateful” that is an epic stylistically powerful track that has amazing sonic elements in it. Track 5 “Hollywood to DC (feat. Killa Beats)” the title track features dialog and other nice elements just enough to keep the interest in this album.  Track 6 “Military Minded” showcases Killin Lyrics style and has some amazing hooks in it. Track 7 “Don’t Test Me” is another epic track featuring amazing beats and production. “Guap Don’t Sleep” is track 8 and has some really nice edge to it.  The track is filled with phenomenal elements that add nice power and feel to the track.  “Strip Club to My Casa” is track 9 and a great groovin track with an amazing vibe to it.  “Lyrical” track 10 is a great addition to this fine line up of tracks.  It has epic sonic elements intertwined with crisp no apology lyrics that keep the interest going strong.  “Chilling in China Town (feat. Swadetek)” is track 11 and it is a laid back vibe with some really sharp elements to it.  “I Grind” is track 12 and keeps the power going.  It has a real authentic feel to it and brings back the style and groove.  “Explode” is the last epic track on the album and it is the anthem to this album with real authentic power and strong sonic parts.  The final track “Outro (feat. Killa Beats)” is a 3 second mystery sound that we are still trying to figure out.

All in all Killin Lyrics sent over a finely crafted album that is definitely worth checking out and picking up.  You should visit the links below for more details and take a listen!




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