David McGhee – Vocals/Guitar, Frank Registrato – Drums, JanKarl Hayes – Guitar, Jeffry Brink – Bass

Oh yeah!  The Vanilla Milkshakes just sent us over their latest album “Tall People Have No Feelings” and this one is a must for any serious audiophile.  It features 13 unapologetic tracks that are filled with raw power and emotion.  Let’s dig into this powerhouse of pure sonic distorted punk that will take you to the next place you need to be!

The album launches itself into the ozone layer with the first track “Amazing Misery” this track is so contagious you will be lucky if you escape its sonic pleasure.  Next it goes onto “The Block Song” that really gets you hooked in fantastic wonderfully playful music.  The Vanilla Milkshakes really know how to capture amazing energy!!!  This album is off to a great start and I am hard with anticipation of the next track!  Track 3 “Deez Boots” is the perfect next track, this epic anthem let’s you know you are listening to a treasure, a treasure, yes a treasure that you will cling onto for years and years to come!  This album within 3 short tracks let’s me know that I am holding onto a piece of music history that will be world known as time goes on an more people get to check it out.  This album is perfection within the first 3 tracks and I can’t wait for the next track!!! Track 4 “Good Intentions will Kill US” starts off with epic guitars and drums and David McGhee really paints a wonderfully dark yet true statement!  This album is our favorite in quite a while and we know that this one will catch on person by person each knowing that this is a GEM!  You better listen to the album below over and over and over and then over again and you will agree that this one is one that will remain with you for the rest of your life! “If You Think About It” is another great anthem song of the world as it sucks today and we all know it does.  The rawness and unapologetic production is a refreshing and long over due injection into music’s world.  “Kitty Likes Coffee” is a fun track that keeps the energy on this masterpiece going strong! Track 7 “Popular” is another epicly crafted one that weaves a great sonic adventure that you want to jump up and kick someone’s ass over.  Then track 8 “Sara  Tea” gives you the bass you were dying to hear and you got it!  This is a fantastic album!  I will be playing this one for years and years from now and can’t wait to infect lots of people with it.  The honesty is long needed in this world of sonic sterilization and we love this album more than you can know! “Sorry Desi” rolls and weaves a great powerful picture.  “The Pessimist” keeps things moving forward and you know things are winding down but you still are engaged to this epic album.  The next track is great “We sound shitty so spin will like us” is a great track!  The track offers some delightfully predictable songwriting! “12 Year Scene” is features some killer krunk that will keep you hard and up for more!  The album ends with the  track “”You’re The Starbucks of People” and it’s rawness and power is a great ending to a truly fantastic people who make some killer music that you must get acquainted with.  Check it out!

This album will be released broadly in a little while, make sure you like and share this post and check for more details in the coming weeks!





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