VCT) Anna it is great to finally get an interview with you. I have been tracking your music career since 2011 and think your vocal style is quite unique. How did your music career all come to be?


Anna: Thanks for the compliment! I just love making music. Whenever I feel inspired, I have a strong urge to write new songs. Thus, I became a musician.
VCT) Your music is fun and creative do you have any influences that inspire you?


Anna: I listen to all kinds of artists. In these days I have a crush on Slavic music from Russia or the Balkans. It’s so full of emotions and longing! In the past I’ve often been compared with the German pop counter-tenor Klaus Nomi, Kate Bush and Nina Hagen. I appreciate all of them!
VCT) The sensuality in your voice is quite engaging how did you develop your style?


Anna: As you might have noticed on my recordings, I’m a classically trained mezzosoprano. Thus, I also sing opera which means a lot of excercises for my vocal chords. My classical voice education has always had great impact on my song-writing even though singing opera is much more demanding …
VCT) When it comes to music do you prefer recording or performing?


Anna: Both aspects belong together! I really love performing on stage, but recording is the basis of every song I’ve published so far.
VCT) Who is your greatest influence in the arts?


Anna: I guess I’m like a sponge soaked by influences from everywhere. One thing, however, is quite sure: I would definitely not be a serious musician if I had not been a Queen fan in my youth.
VCT) What can we expect for 2015 and beyond?


Anna: On October 30th my fifth EP “The Muse“ (Go!Diva Records) is going to be released. It will bring the biggest style break of my musical career. In the past couple of years I mainly concentrated on electronic pop opera with shrill and funny parts. I called it ‘alien pop’. “The Muse“ focuses on emotional waltz time ballads. I even sing one song in Croatian!
VCT) Do you have any special approach when writing music?


Anna: No, but it helps to be in love! 😉
VCT) Your music paints fantastic pictures is there any special warm up you take when recording in the studio?


Anna: Thank you! 🙂 I merely do my regular vocal warm up before the recording sessions.
VCT) Do you have any funny stories from your career that you would like to share?


Anna: Yes, I would like to tell you a story from my summer holiday in June, but I’m not sure if it’s funny. I went hiking on a rocky mountain in Croatia and I was stuck on a guy from the group. After reaching the top of the mountain I started singing opera for him. In fact, I should have been exhausted, but I wasn’t. Neither did I care about my stage costume. I wore hiking clothes and very unsexy shoes!
VCT) What is the last thing you want to say to your fans?


Anna:    I love you! So please stay in touch with me and listen to my music.

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