We have been busy keeping up with this hot “Band of Nickels” album “Amen”.  We haven’t received such a rockin’ album in quite a long time and really want you to take the time to get to know this band.  They are super tight and super talented!  Their latest album “Amen” is packed with 9 tracks that keep the power and energy flowing through your veins.

The album starts off with a track “Hold Your Form” that is so perfectly performed and produced you are hooked from the first few seconds, don’t believe us check out the band’s web site below and hear it for yourself.  This is rock the way its supposed to be!  The album doesn’t let us and delivers amazingly powerfully delivered rock soon to be classics.  The lead singer’s voice is a perfect match to the hot musicianship and rock the band delivers.

This band is yet to be discovered but with your help you can give them the respect they deserve, check out their album on their site and you will agree this is power and true rock that needs attention.  Tell all your friends about Bag of Nickels!







“Amen” is now available on CDBaby, ITunes, and Spotify.  Contact us via email, Facebook, or Twitter.

Contact: bagofnickelsband@gmail.com

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