VCT:   It is a pleasure to finally meet and interview you. I am so captivated by the volumes of work you have created. My first question in our interview is how do you cultivate all of this creativity?

MasterMataz: I have been spiritual in many forms throughout my life, it is here I learned to tap the creative flow inside me, my entire database of songs are no longer online, only resent, many of the songs demonstrate the many stages of my own spiritual evolution as a person. I get an idea if it feels right at the time, I flow with it. I would lock myself away from the world until I finished the job, I no longer take that approach not healthy way for an artist.

VCT:  Your music has such an energy to it and flows with perfection, how did you develop your skill?

MasterMataz: I first was thrown into the DJ world as a teenager, in a club that my father was running, when the local DJ did not show, I was asked to go up, eek I am not happy, wow you want me up their, Damn. I had no idea what to do. Yet up I went, just playing one track after the other stop, start, I started becoming comfortable, experimented attempting to mix, at some stage the people was no longer in my vision, just me and music. It felt great, that was how it began. These days when producing because of my spiritual nature, I picture the energy inside me, the energy of life outside coming forward into my music, I could explain this in so many ways.

VCT:   When it comes to music what is best, creating or post-production?

MasterMataz: Have you heard the saying in music, play drunk, edit sober. Don’t matter what part in music we speak about all are important as the other equally. Take a festival a volunteer on the entrance door he/she is just as important, as the artist on the stage, without any of them, the artist cannot be who he/she is. This rings true throughout the whole music industry in my eyes.

VCT:   I think you are clearly a master of your domain, what advice can you give to up and comers who want to master things as you have?

MasterMataz: Ahh well don’t master music, Master yourself first, all the rest will slot into place. This is the meaning of MasterMataz I am a master of no one or no-thing, I am purely just the “Master Of Myself” evolving to be a better person daily. No one is perfect, just strive to be a better person then you was yesterday, your be fine. Try not to stress about anything, all will workout in a positive place, if something goes wrong find the good, as there is always good to be found within a bad situation, trust me I know I wrote a book based on a true story around this. If you go down from a bad situation fear not, head up high, go again, care not what the world may think or not think, the world is full of billions of different perceptions, you have no control over that nor should it be your concern. If you was wrong be proud be willing to admit this, it will make you stronger, never weak. Keep going the legend in you is trying to reach us all 😉

VCT:   What is your favorite part of music?

MasterMataz: The journey. If I was born into fame then I missed the journey, I missed what it means to be a star… The journey, all aspects of the journey shall make me who I wish to become.

VCT:   When it comes to music do you think there is a limit as to what can be done with the medium?

MasterMataz: wow great question! I don’t believe in limits at all. When I look into history I always see these patterns, Spiritual, Creativity, Music, they all have something in common. Take the saying “Music is the food of the Soul”, Spiritual is a way of being, creativity is the positive energy that flows to us and through us, especially when it comes to music born from a creative moment. Music is all the greatest things we have ever known. Take Tomorrowland festival, what a great example, they bring nations together under the creative energy of love and togetherness. In that moment the world problems are gone. Thanks to music. Seems to flow through us all like a life force…

VCT:  When you approach a mix what do you take into consideration?

MasterMataz: hahaha might sound strange to some, how I feel is so important, if I had a bad day then no way shall I go near music, fundamental process feel good, get my vibe on, then flow. Just the way it works for me.

VCT:  What is your favorite and least favorite thing about music?

MasterMataz: I have to say nothing even though I have found some I might not like, that’s when I begin to look for the good in the bad, I always find that good. A lesson to learn is the better word for that bad.

VCT:   What is your favorite story that you would like to share with your fans?

MasterMataz: I left the UK over night, why no one was aware, heading for the middle east, in true style I was abandoned in Istanbul, I was given the choice to return or stay, I choose to stay, yet I had no clothes only what I wore, everything carried on the flight without me. hahaha I travelled for 21 days sleeping on the streets anywhere I could find, not much food, just kept on going, a drive to reach my goal no matter what, I reached Kars in turkey, had to become a resident before I could move on, I walked into some kind of club, spoke with some great people, they helped me. I moved on 7 days later slipping through the border between Armenia and Iran right into Nakhchivan, I made it to the airport, where I got a flight, I made it once the plane landed. Destination reached. The moral of the story even though it went wrong in many ways, I meet some of the most amazing human beings on our planet, So willing to help me. A homeless man came up to me, I spoke only English, I relied on his body language, I was standing near some military place, he goes up to the soldier guys, they all approach me, with tons of food and money to leave the area with the homeless guy. One of the soldiers spoke little English as I was telling the story of my journey so much laughter was felt, between us all. He says he when you finally get home make a song about us all… Then we left… I would not change that journey it was perfect to meet such great people, travelling in tractors, and buses loaded with 4 times, then their should be on a bus hahaha I learned our planet is purely an amazing place to be, and all the human beings on it. Wow what an adventure. If anyone had the opportunity to be spontaneous like I was, go for it, your never know what your find.

VCT:  Can we expect anything in 2016 and beyond?

MasterMataz: only the best is all I want for me and who ever I come into contact with, how I work is a flow of two way energy, if the energy is one sided I am gone. I am still seeking a female singer, I fully enjoyed my time in 2015 working along side with Louise Browne as DjaayMissB… Now I look forward to what/who shall come next… I shall keep on flowing and allowing life to take place around me, with me… Enjoying every moment! What will be, will be so beautiful to me. Grateful to be a part of our beautiful planet. I also wish to seek a great mentor, be awesome if it was DJ Juicy M, she has been a great inspiration for me over the last few years.

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