Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah we got a hot new album from the Bonazzoli Band titled “American Ghost Stories”!  This 14 track album is filled with high power rock soon to be classics that will rock you to the core!  This album starts off perfectly painting a sonic picture that fills your mind with ghostly treasures!  Let’s dig into this gem now!

Track 1 “On The Air” starts off with some amazingly haunting sounds and a great introduction to this powerhouse of an album.  Track 2 “Road Have Mercy” is a great launch to this epic album that any serious audiophile must own!  Onto track 3 “Double Cross” filled with ambient sounds that will haunt your inner core!  This song features comfortable harmonies that somehow transport you back to a place that is dark yet filled with some nice familiar sounds that will bring you to a place nice and warm.   Track 4 “Taking Chances” starts off with some nice heartfelt vocals and strings then it brings you to a place where you can imagine you and your love spending some quality time together.  The lyrics paint such a wonderfully innocent picture of love and all the nuances it gives to all of us.  Track 5 “Black Cat” is an upbeat song that will possibly bring chills up and down your spine that will not leave anytime soon.  This song has a playful groove to it and will bring you to a place that fills your mind with such great imaginary elements and fills you with such a blissfully mysterious sonic adventure!  Track 6 “Long Black Carriage” features epic leads along with a dark and tempting backdrop.  This track is the perfect accompaniment to a movie.  Track 7 “Concord Road” really is special in its presentation of wonderfully delivered sonic treasures.  You have to pick up this track and really get into it. Track 8 “If you Wait for Me” features rich organs and an emotionally delivered vocal that will fill you with warmth and emotion lasting you a lifetime.  Track 9 – 13 keep the mood going and it all wraps up with track 14 “Do They Dream” that wraps and contains the album in a very epic way.  The composition is so strong that it will stick in your mind filling it with such a vivid feeling that will stay with you for a very long time!  This album is a MUST for any serious audiophile and the staff and Very Cool Tunes is so happy it passed our desks!


Band website and presskit: www.Bonazzoli.com

Taking Chances music video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cufL3Hm7NcI



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