Erik Odsell sent us over his latest album and we’ve been listening to it for days now this past holiday season.  Erik has such a heartfelt album that features his warm and distinctive vocals accompanied by fantastically rich real instrumentation.  The video above for his song “Goodbye” is a fantastic example of how refined his songwriting is.  It is truly a special song and video that will fill you with love that is hard to deny.  It richly paints a picture of how people feel when they lose someone dear to them.  It is so richly arranged that you will find it difficult not to well up and shed a tear.  This song is a great way to get back in touch with your feelings and emotions.

Erik Odsell has a treasure in his 9 track album that you can listen to below.  The title “Searching for Lost Boys Island” is perfect to describe this well developed piece of art.  Erik shares such a warmth that you will find yourself playing this one over and over.

Track One “Waiting For The Snowfall” is a great introduction to this album.  It features rich instrumentation that paint such a vivid picture sonically.  Erik’s voice is powerful and tender and makes you want to continue with this sonic gem.

Track 2 “Unapology” picks up the pace and delicately paints an amazingly interesting picture that is happy yet with a title like “unapology” it sheds a little sarcasm.

The rest of the tracks on this album flow nicely and this album is a must for any self-respecting audiophile!



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