Zalex just sent us over his latest EP titled “Come Alive”.  We’ve been checking out this 2 track EP for days now and it is mesmerizingly fantastic!  You can hear it below and you will certainly agree with us that this one is special and features such a rich audio experience that you will be pumping this one for a long time to come.  It is trance but much more than trance, it features fantastic arrangements and vocals that will melt even the hardest listener.  The textures and simplicity in the development of these tracks offers so much for the listener to grab onto and build upon.

Track One “Let You Fall” is 6 minutes of perfection!  This track offers any serious audiophile all the trimmings of a fantastic track!  It weaves and flows into a great soundscape that features fantastic vocals and synth textures.

Track Two “Come Alive” featuring Kassy is full of energy and will power up any club with amazing elements that are destined to grab you and make you shake it all the while.  Fantastic is not enough to describe this track as it develops it gets you into a frenzy of amazing sonic wizardry that will cause anyone with a pulse to erupt into a state of blissful and orgasmic life as the title guarantees!


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