Catalina Shortwave sent us over a preview of their second album “Radio Voodoo” and it a must for any serious audiophile!  Let dig into this treasure track by track.  There are 7 tracks on this album and each on builds upon the last nicely making this a must for true rock fans everywhere.

Track 1 “Your Old Letters” is the perfect start for this album.  It has a raw and unapologetic sound to it.  The vocals on the track are edgy and meet the backing instrumentation that is just as raw and powerful.  This track sets the tone and will lure you in to want more.

Track 2 “Here Today, Gone Tomorrow” picks up the pace and lays it down hard.  The power of this track is excellent.  The chorus is catchy and the edginess of this one is bar none.

Track 3 “Breakaway” slows it back down to a bluesy and gritty pace.  This is an epic track with all the elements of a classic.  The power comes in right on time and the riff is so addictive that you will want to blast this one loud.

Track 4 “Darkstar” Has a bass riff that hooks you in and the honesty of this one is next to nothing.

Track 5 “Anne Boleyen” is a catchy song that could be a huge hit on the radio.  The song paints a sonic picture of youthful energy that will get you moving and shaking.

Track 6 “Black & Blue” has such an infectiously raw power that will smack you right between the ears.  This track keeps the energy of this album on 11 with it’s great power.

Track 7 “Blood Orange” is the perfect finale to this great second album from a band that has all the seasons and accents that will catch most rock lovers.

Overall VeryCoolTunes and its staff highly recommend “Radio Voodoo” to all serious rock fans.






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CONTACT:           Catalina Shortwave

c/o Devil’s Den Word & Image, 5 Still Hollow Place, Ridgefield CT, U.S.A. 06877



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