Solopsi Radio

by Herman Martinez

Solopsi Radio cover art
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 A great start to a fantastic album.  Phonic Chronicles features dark sonic textures that weave an interesting tapestry of sound.  Herman really knows how to kick of an album and lure you in for more.

The power and rhythms paint a a picture of angst and struggle that builds in and out with intricate guitar playing and interesting vocal stylings.

 The album is getting into gear now and this track features nice elements of acoustic guitar and electric.  It has a great hypnotic quality that will leave you wanting more.

It is an honest track that builds on the overall colorings of a true gem.  This album is one that you will be able to play hundreds of times and each time get more and more out of it.

 A delicate track featuring honesty and Herman’s distinctive style.  It builds nicely and certainly has all the elements to become a classic track.
 This is probably one of my favorite tracks on the album it is a masterpiece of sonic elements that exude so many emotions and subtle complexities that you will certainly want to hit repeat once the track finishes.
 Another powerful track that features some rich riffs and powerful hooks.  This is radio ready and may hit a college station soon!
Sculptor 05:08
 The track starts off with an amazingly rich and developed harmonic arrangement.
 This track is a marvel just when you thought the album was over this track transports you to a sonic world that is chaotic and intricate.  It definitely makes you keep interest in the album.
 Just as the quirkiness of the previous track left you feeling intrigued this track departs from the early style of the album and paints a disjointed world of pretty piano sounds and outer worldly guitar riffs.
 Keeping with the progressive sounds of the previous two tracks this track keeps your interest high with nice elements and twists and turns.
Recreate 03:31
 This is my second favorite track on the album and it is comes just in time to make me want to keep this treasure in my collection for years!
 A perfect ending to a uniquely crafted album.  Herman certainly knows how to develop a richly diverse album filled with great arrangements.

We are so thrilled to have this album cross our desks this past week.  We love the entire album and will be playing it at our studio on a regular rotation.  We encourage that you pickup your copy and add it to your collection as well.



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