Oh yeah!  Mike LePond’s Silent Assassins sent us over their debut album and this one scorches the earth!  This 9 track album features a powerhouse of sound that will get you bangin’ and stomping around.  We’ve been blasting this album at the studio over the past week and it has infected our bodies with pure energy!  The album “Knife Fight Media” starts off with the epic “Apocalypse Rider” that is a perfect start to this high octane album.  The second track “Red Death” features some amazing bass playing along with ambient sounds.  It has Middle Eastern flavorings along with Asian featuring ethnic rhythms and sitar then it takes off with some killer drums and guitar.  “The Quest” is a nicely arranged piece with fantastic instrumentation it moves into a nicely arranged acoustic piece that is epic in it’s melodic composition.  This one doesn’t hold back and it’s intricacies are fantastically woven it takes off with massive power and rawness.  The energy keeps up with “The Outsider” featuring amazing riffs on the bass and axe.  This one is tight in your face metal that hits you hard with fantastic power!

This album is a must for any serious metal fan, it is so well crafted with amazing power and rawness.  Be sure to share this post and pick up your copy today!


Lyric Video Apacalypse Rider

SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/knifefightmedia/sets/mike-leponds-silent-assassins

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