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[bing_translator] spotlights creative and cool music makers.  Whether they are traditional genres like jazz, rock and metal or experimental and futuristic artists there is one thing all the artists on Very Cool Tunes have it is creativity… They are not of the herd nor want to be.  They are free spirits living each day with passion.

This site is visited every day by industry professionals looking for new talent and the general public.  Our site was just launched a short while ago and the buzz all around the world has been growing each and every day.  Modern media has been slowly transforming and yes the day will come when the “main” stream or “slip” stream is no longer relevant.  Join us and support free thinking and independence!

We hope you browse through our archives after viewing the top page of artists to see the amazing and creative works by our clients.  We strive to spotlight creative talent from every corner of the world and hope you enjoy your visit here and come back regularly

Wishing you an interesting day filled with new music and great experiences!


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